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Be good faster.

What does be good faster mean to you? Since I heard this, I have been stirring on it. Challenging myself with the interpreted wisdom, I do recognize that the person that said it does not have English as the native language. Therefore, it might have been a broken translation. But what if it was on point and the revelations are sincere? Be good faster. Is it a philanthropic decision-making initiative? Is it a manufacturing decision-making process on corrective actions from incidents? Is it empowering a team to seek autonomy and make decisions? Yes, yes, and yes.

Think about what it takes to be good faster in the community. Are you a catalyst in a pay-forward situation to help someone out? Giving an extra dollar on a tip is nothing to most of us in the grand scheme. Just imagine, the gesture could start iterations of pay-forward initiatives. One gesture by oneself can ripple into multiples of pay-forwards. Be it like the messaging of the Grateful Dead’s "Ripple" or the Wood Brothers' “Line the Pockets,” messages are everywhere that we can be good faster.

Ripple in still water,

When there is no pebble tossed

Nor wind to blow

Reach out your hand, if your cup be empty

If your cup is full, may it be again.

- Grateful Dead, Ripple

Thinking about what be good faster in corrective actions identified from an incident is the stuff in the decision-making quadrant that is high value at low cost. Just go do it. Do not wait for guidance or authority. Everything does not require a formalized management of change. Go make the change. Go be good faster. Be like the goodr sunglasses, and try to challenge the velocity that you and your team are making in your organization to their mission. Maybe they should promote to make goodr faster?

In 2015, goodr was created to solve a problem: running sunglasses were expensive, ugly, and over-engineered. To solve this, we set out to design a pair of running sunglasses that were affordable, stylish, and all performance. (Hold the B.S., please!). And so, goodr was born. BOOM. Problem solved. You're welcome. - goodr

Be good faster with independent decision-making, autonomy, and empowerment when you lead. In most situations, this is what we all want. Support those team members that make sound decisions that are ethically and morally correct for the team. The velocity of the decision along with the probability of success, is establishing the culture that we all want. It is the lack of velocity and the inability to make a decision that slows down most organizations.

A sense of control can fuel motivation, but for that drive to produce insights and innovations, people need to know their suggestions won’t be ignored, that their mistakes won’t be held against them. And they need to know that everyone else has their back. Charles Duhigg, Smarter Faster Better: The Secrets of Being Productive in Life and Business

If we sit and ponder the endless amount of what-ifs, we are not acting with the velocity required for change. We are not aerating the possibilities, but instead stifling progress. If we are too timid to make decisions that are sound, data-driven, and with an acceptable level of risk, we will not make progress to the velocity that is required. To be good faster is not a mission to be great at this individual step. Instead, it is to be the greatest at being good all the time. Be good faster.


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