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Concepts to Promote Velocity in Business Management 

Transforming Organizations Through Incremental Changes

At OpEmpathy, we combine learning from experiences, tested hypotheses, and collaboration on missed opportunities in manufacturing and operational management. OpEmpathy is not intended to simply celebrate what organizations "did," but to challenge how organizations can holistically assess what they "did not."
OpEmapthy is a shortening of the phrase "operational empathy." The concept refers to an action that requires all stakeholders in a manufacturing company to strive for excellence. This involves a heightened concentration on creating value in managing operations and the products sold. It is enabling the power of aligned stakeholders of an organization to focus their energy and priorities within their people, quality, velocity, and cost to manufacture. To achieve manufacturing excellence, an organization must embody an operational empathy mindset and disrupt organizational self-interest.

OpEmpathy's goal is to discover and share strategies to gain this value and to provide a dialogue for organizations to consider as they work towards excellence.

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